tube cutting solution

Stainless Steel Tube Cutting Solution

LEFON Orbital Pipe Saw, ideal for cutting stainless steel pipe & tube, is to cut all kind of think wall metal perfectly straight, especially for stainless steel pipe, coper etc. The cutting tool will deliver cold, square and clean cut for stainless steel for stainless steel, making it unnecessary to do any additional preparation work for the cut-off face before orbital welding. This orbital cutting tool is the must have for high purity sanitary industry fabrication.

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Orbital Pipe Saws

LEFON Orbital Pipe Saws are the cost effective and reliable solution to square cut and bevel almost all types of metal pipe. All R Series orbital pipe saws deliver a precise, square and clean cut, making it unnecessary to do any additional preparation work on the cut-off face for orbital welding.

Saw Guide

Based on customer need, LEFON presents the latest Band Saw Guide / Saw Vise design. This Saw Guide/Saw Vise/Cutting Block adopts rugged hard facing,heat treatment to ensure durability and convenient usage.

Saw Blade

The blades has been universally designed and developed for all kind of orbital pipe/tube cutting machine, i.e. this blade can be used on machine from other manufacturers. The blade is suitable for cutting all kind of standard metal material.