Saw Guide

Based on customer need, LEFON presents the latest Band Saw Guide / Saw Vise design. This Saw Guide/Saw Vise/Cutting Block adopts rugged hard facing,heat treatment to ensure durability and convenient usage. Tube size and pipe size Saw Guide/Cutting block models are available, customized for different OD size tube/pipe. The saw guide that helps band saw cut straight, are made from hardened steel and nickel plated to avoid carbon contamination with high standard, and the surface along the cutting groove has been heat treated up to 60 HRC, preventing accident cutting through saw guide.

  • Step 1: secure pipe on pipe stand
  • Step 2: put saw guide on the working piece
  • Step 3: fasten the saw guide on pipe
  • Step 4: use portable band saw to cut the pipe through the valley of saw guide



Tube/Pipe OD

Saw Guide Model

1/2″ SG050
3/4″ SG075
0.840″ SG084
1″ SG100
1.050″ SG105
1.315″ SG131
1.5″ SG150
1.660″” SG166
1.90″ SG190
2″ SG200
2.375″ SG237
2.5″ SG250
2.875″ SG287
3″ SG300
3.5″ SG350
4″ SG400
4.5″ SG450