Through twenties years╩╝ development, Lefon Engineering not only has gained respect from numerous clients inside China, but extended the business beyond country boundary, for example, successfully completing a 2 year brewery construction project in Algeria, the JUHAYNA beverage project in Cario, Egypt, and the Laurter Tun Installation for Heineken in Myanmar. The clients including Johnson& Johnson, Heineken, ABB, Kline& French Laboratories, CNOOC, and Klone have been relying on Lefon to deliver dependable and effective solutions. The company is the long term partner of Steinecker, a Germany equipment manufacturer, subsidiary of Krone.




JUHAYNA Tank & Piping Cairo, Egypt
Heineken Laurter Tun Installation Yangon, Myanmar
Johnson & Johnson Piping Shanghai
MengNiu Dairy Piping Mongolia,Hubei
Smith Kline& French Laboratories utilities,fluid bed Tianjin
Yili Dairy Piping for after-treatment Mongolia,Shanxi
Maotai Brewhouse Installation Guizhou
Heinenken Piping Installation in cellar,brewhouse,filling line Hainan
Steinecker Tango Brewery construction Algeria
Kiesselmann Yanjing Brewery Beijing
Wanli Brewery Brewhouse, cellar, BBT, Filtration Nanning
ABB Cooling Hainan
Enron Power Plant Wenchang
CNOOC W11-4 offshore platform Weizhou
CNOOC XJ24-3 offshore Platform Xijiang
CNOOC YC13-1 offshore Platform Yacheng

Design & Integrate Component
1. Latest CAD technology and equipment
2. Develop custom components
3. Small & Complex
Precise and Custom Fabrication

1. Transfer panel
2. Special fittings
3. Value manifolds
4. Holding tubes
5. Utility stations
6. Vessel trim
7. Jacketed tubing
8. CIP systems
9. High purity
10. Valve modify
11. Skid systems

Welding Capabilities

1. Small special fittings
2. Large transfer panels
3. Complete turnkey skid mounted system
4. Material handling, fabrication and inspection
5. Light wall sanitary tube and fittings
6. Manual TIG
7. Automatic Orbital welding

Complete System Installation

1. Sanitary processing piping
2. Tanks
3. Blenders
4. Pumps
5. Valves
6. Controls