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Laser Welding Machine



LEFON provides the latest Laser Plate Welding technology. For vessels needs to be heated or cooled, there are several types of heat transfer method applied to sidewall or bottom. The laser welded heat transfer jacket is one of the latest technology that is ASME certified. The laser welded dimple jacket is a sheet of metal which has a uniform array of depressions or dimples pressed into the metal by the latest laser welding technology, and then inflated to form flow pass. LEFON develops its own in-house world class laser welding machine.





  1. Main Features
  2. Specification
  • This technology for welding stainless steel plate to make heat transfer jacket, welding together a thinner and a thicker stainless steel plate together. The device can also be used for spot welding, circle welding, linear welding, etc., and any of the curves that can be defined.
  • Operate on German PA system. The user interface is easy to understand, easy to use. Able to monitor the entire process and working condition of protective gas, welding gas and welding machine.
  • Welding head are made in US, with a collision protection function that can effectively protect the welding head.
  • For the stainless steel plate welding, the use of special protective gas, not only make the welding beautiful, free from oxidation, but also to achieve the best quality of welding


X axis   2000mm

Y axis   200mm

A axis(material feed axle) 1000-30000mm

Z axis   200mm



X axis   80m/min     

Y axis   80m/min     

A axis(material feed axle)2m/min   

Z axis   50m/min              



X axis positioning accuracy   ±0.05mm         

Repositioning accuracy      ±0.05mm  

Y axis positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm    

Repositioning accuracy     ±0.05mm      

Power of CO2 laser   3000-5000kw      



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